We have made 3 times the payout of the last 24 hours to reward you for your loyalty, Thanks to all! (We. 19, 2018)


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  • us.bytecoin-pool.org:1111
  • asia.bytecoin-pool.org:1111
  • eu.bytecoin-pool.org:1111
  • ru.bytecoin-pool.org:1111


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Host: stratum+tcp://us.bytecoin-pool.org:3333
Host (ASIC): stratum+tcp://us.bytecoin-pool.org:1111
Host (ASIC SOLO): stratum+tcp://asic.bytecoin-pool.org:1777
User: YourWalletAddress
Password: x
Happy Mining :)

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* If you reach 500,000 BCN we reward you the same amount for your money back - If you stop mining for more than 12 hours without contacting support if you have a problem with your hardware for example, the counter will be reset. (min mining 3 month)

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 Our mining pool hosts: 







 Port: 3333
 Starting Difficulty: 100
Description: Low end hardware


 Port: 7777
 Starting Difficulty: 1063
Description: Medium end hardware - Rewards are good


Port: 8888
 Starting Difficulty: 10000
Description: Very High end hardware - For multiple Rigs

Best mining for Windows (advenced)

You can download xmrig  which for CPU & GPU Mining (nVidia & AMD)

Mining Apps

 App Name  Architecture  Downloads  Discussion  Source Code
XMR-Stak-CPU (by fireice_uk) CPU Github Reddit Github
Example: xmr-stak-cpu Please edit config.txt file to suit your needs.
XMR-Stak-AMD (by fireice_uk) OpenCL (AMD) Github Reddit Github
Example: xmr-stak-amd Please edit config.txt file to suit your needs.
CPUMiner (forked by LucasJones & Wolf) CPU Github BitcoinTalk Github
Example: minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://bytecoin-pool.org:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x
YAM Miner (by yvg1900) CPU MEGA Twitter Proprietary 
Example: yam -c x -M stratum+tcp://YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS:x@bytecoin-pool.org:3333/xmr
Claymore CPU Miner CPU MEGA BitcoinTalk Proprietary 
Example: NsCpuCNMiner64 -o stratum+tcp://bytecoin-pool.org:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x
Claymore GPU Miner OpenCL (AMD) MEGA Discussion Proprietary 
Example: NsGpuCNMiner -o stratum+tcp://bytecoin-pool.org:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x
ccminer (forked by tsiv) CUDA (Nvidia) Github BitcoinTalk Github
Example: ccminer -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://bytecoin-pool.org:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x
xmrMiner CUDA (Nvidia) Github Forum Github
Example: xmrMiner_0.2.0.exe --url=stratum+tcp://bytecoin-pool.org:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x --bfactor=8 --bsleep=100

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