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1 - | AntMiner X3 (Cryptonight)
2 - | AntMiner X3 (Cryptonight)
3 - | AntMiner X3 (Cryptonight)
4 - | AMD Rx 580
5 - | Nvidia 1070

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Happy Mining

Sell us your ASIC (Cryptonight) at the purchase price, you keep it and continue to mine for 3 months with 30% profit then only you send it to us,
this program was designed to retain our miners, if you are interested please contact us. Subscription form here

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* If you reach 500,000 BCN we reward you the same amount for your money back (Est. 90 Days Mining with 220K) - If you stop mining for more than 12 hours without contacting support if you have a problem with your hardware for example, the counter will be reset.

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